beauty products

beauty products

beauty productsIt was previously known to be substances invented to change and beautify the body externally and has many types of natural and industrial as it contains a few chemical compounds, it does not pose a danger to the human being as its ingredient contains water, preservatives, moisturizers, colors and fragrances, but at that time it has become famous and has become a profession many people.

beauty products

The cosmetic product contains material designed for use on external parts of the human body such as (skin, hair, nails, lips or teeth) and we can add perfumes from cosmetics to use for some personal purposes such as hygiene and beauty as some places classify that product as a medicine.

beauty products

Cosmetic compounds

One of the most famous ingredients is:

  1. Propylene glycol

It is a compound that provides moisture and hydration for a lot of cosmetics, where glycerin penetrates better to the skin and at the lowest cost

       2 Glycerin

It is a chemical liquid consisting of water and fat, and works to improve the quality of creams used in cosmetics such as skin lotion as it prevents evaporation of water.

      3 Elastin

It is an additional compound that is developed to contribute to improving skin and hair health and is difficult to absorb through humans.

    4 Collagen

It is said that humans can absorb it easily, giving it moisture, but in fact collagen particles cannot absorb it easily, so it is recommended to reduce or refrain from using cosmetic preparations containing it.

     5 Biotin

Biotin is vitamin B7 that is beneficial for improving skin and hair, and biotin deficiency has to do with baldness and increased scalp greasiness.


  6 Albumin

Albium is one of the most essential compounds for facial preparations, because it is used in the treatment of wrinkles, helps to lift the face and skin, and it is safe and unnecessary to fear it.

   7 Liposome

They are anti-aging compounds, they help prevent skin aging by clarifying skin cell membranes, and lipid particles must combine with skin cells and add vitality and moisture to them.

Beauty Products Services

beauty products contain many products It is also divided into natural and cosmetic preparations

First cosmetic preparations

They are only cosmetic products without caring for and preserving human beings and many of their use are harmful to human beings.

foundation applied to the skin before applying make-up is distributed to the face in an equal manner and works to standardize the skin color before applying any other cosmetic product.

Powder is applied after base cream or any cream product that absorbs porous human fat. It also works to keep makeup for a long time and shine away from oily skin and hides impurities and cereals.

Concealer  works to hide pimples, stains and black halos The color is multiple according to each human color and contains five green and brown colors to shade places that we do not want to highlight Deep beige tilted to orange color is placed on the halos to cover them over the first dish by the small finger by hand and in the way of light cooking or can be used as a manicure. Light beige puts on spots with skin and as a third light layer on dark circles Light color tends to yellow on places we want to highlight as a nose bone and cheeks.

Eyeshadow  is a tray with a variety of different times. We can use each color alone or mix two colors that are consistent according to your skin ,There are two colors that are not glossy and a color in it. There is also eyeshadow liquid that is often without glossThere is eyeshadow in the form of pens that most suits beginners with easy useThere are many brands that sell eyeshadow  like -Mac chaniel

Eye pen    for eyeballs.

Mascara   For prolonging and condensing eyelashes.

Plasher  is a blush that is multi-shaped and always applied after the foundation and powder to add red color on the face.

There are brushes used to put makeup on face it is also from beauty products

Makeup brushes are available for every step of applying makeup brushes such as : 

  • Foundation Brush
  • Powder Brush
  • Powder Prose Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Shadow brushes

First cosmetic preparations


Second medical beauty products

They are skin and body care products

There are some medical creams that treat some human and hair problems The most important ones are acne, eye, night, day, serum, lotion and body gel creams It is recommended to use BioRestore Complete as it works on a new formula with 16 strong natural ingredients that remove dark spots and protect against harmful radiation.It also erases signs of damage and ageing.

It is also recommended to use Divine Locks

There are many hair care products  that are shampoos. Hair creams. conditioner. Hair restoration. Intensify hair. Hair serum.

It is recommended to use Folifort is a product that makes hair healthy consisting of natural ingredients as it contains 12 natural ingredients, such as Fo-Ti, Biotin, Vitamin-B5 and Horse Tail Extract, where they are proven to promote and support healthy hair.

medical beauty products

Damage beauty products

Cosmetics have a lot of damage to humans, one example is damage to human beings:

Human beings develop acne, sensation and redness of the face, skin inflammation, skin rash, change of skin color, tan, clogged skin pores, resulting in the appearance of pills, increased facial gloss if the skin is greasy This is caused by the interaction between chemical products and facial Wrinkles.

How do we avoid beauty products harms

  1. You should know the nature of the substances that make up those cosmetic preparations, to know is suitable for the nature of the skin or not.
  2. You should stay away from using cosmetics that consist of skin lightening materials, especially non-natural, because they work to destroy the human person after a period of use, and they also adversely affect the human person.
  3. You must pay attention to the date of manufacture of the products and their expiration date.

Summary of that article He has mentioned everything about beauty products and answered many questions that always come up by cosmetic extractors.

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