Weight Loss For Life

Weight Loss For Life

So far,obesity has caused a problem for many people,not only psychological problems,but also pathological problems.Today, obesity is the cause of most prevalent diseases,and it is also working to increase age,so scientists are constantly looking for solutions to this problem through prescriptions or widespread products for slimming,but today we will talk about the third solution an integrated program “ًWeight Loss For Life” that includes all feeding,exercises,drinks and all the instructions that an individual must follow,this program proved successful and they found it to be effective and positive,many people succeeded in losing weight because of it

The beginning of theWeight Loss For Life program

The idea came when scientists in America researched obesity, the results of which were that there were 72 million people suffering from obesity and that obesity had a negative effect on their health,Many diseases such as heart disease, second level of diabetes, apoplexy, and the most dangerous among them were some of the diseases of the kinds of cancer,So scientists found it very necessary to intervene to combat obesity and make people aware of the importance of slimming down and getting rid of excess weight through physical activities and integrated health eating filled with nutrients and low calories,and that’s where the idea of a Weight Loss For Life program came from.

Weight Loss For Life

What does weight loss for life protocol include?

Weight Loss for Life is a comprehensive program aimed at targeting weight loss by providing a detailed protocol of sports exercises that must be done and supervised by a specialized special trainer as well as focusing on nutrition and how to organize meal intake more importantly, this program depends on self-regulation and social regulation,which has a positive effect on weight loss and knowing the obstacles that prevent man from managing his weight effectively

This program is divided as follows

  • At the beginning of the first months in Weight Loss For Life, participants begin attending six individual sessions each session of 45 minutes,the aim of these sessions is to support and pay attention to sports exercises,an integrated plan of exercises will be developed for the individual in an integrated program in line with the approach of the special trainer,In these sessions we also develop the individual’s self-skills and interest in changing his psychology to start setting new goals,It is also monitored if an individual is moving towards improvement or not and of course evaluates changes as a result of exercises.
  • Then we start the next phase, two months later, when the participants have organized a certain exercise program and acclimatize it, we start adding new sessions, and here our goal is not exercise but our goal is to organize food and eating meals and change eating behavior ,This stage lasts for 14 months at the beginning ,The participants have two individual sessions of 30 minutes each,The aim of these sessions is to assist participants in tracking their calories and giving them many ways to do this, as well as agreeing with participants on a certain number of calories that must be discarded depending on the weight of each individual.
  • Then we move to group sessions that are ten sessions and the duration of each session 60 a minute and the aim is to get rid of the excess weight by organizing the self that they learned in the first sessions by the trainer specializing in eating behaviors
  • Then 14 group sessions the end ofWeight Loss For Life,the sole aim of which is to help the individual to organize his/her eating and to maintain weight loss by applying self-regulation that teaches him/her, as well as to keep away from unhealthy eating, more fruit and vegetables, teach participants how to control their appetite, determine the number of certain meals and more drinking water.

Weight Loss For Life

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Weight Loss for life program Features

When talking about the advantages of weight loss for life program Life Besides demonstrating the success of his weight loss policy and the elimination of excess calories,he helped many ages to get rid of obesity and start a new life full of health,One of the most important features is that he worked on the psychological side of the participant by helping the individual to organize himself and set a goal and strive to achieve it,this makes an individual more productive and has an incentive to continue.

The group sessions were very useful,the sessions worked on social organization, so the individual became more vital and societal,Finally this program works to repair many parts of the human personality and also helps him to get the ideal body and improve his psychology to become a new human being.

Weight Loss For Life

Some products that help you lose weight

  1. Alive dietary: It is a great supplement to weight loss and is recommended for daily useTwo capsules during eating breakfast are made up of plant-based natural ingredients that have great effects on weight loss and enhancement of public health and these ingredients are Fenugreek Seeds, China tea , pepper extract, tropical fruit extract and Kucha tea paper,This product helps to eliminate excess weight by understanding the interaction between brain function and weight increase,This product reduces the secretion of the neurotransmitter dopamine which, when reduced, infects the human anorexia, thereby eliminating excess fat.
  2. Alpilean : It is a product of the latest enormous revolution due to its discovery that the increase in the temperature of the internal body increases obesity,It consists of 6 nutrients and plants brought specially from the Alpine Mountains it works to represent the process of food especially during sleep and consists of vitamins,minerals and plants from the Alpine Mountains that interact together to achieve your goal of weight loss and it has a positive impact on human energy levels.This product makes people active and vital and it makes their  focus excellent as it helps you become productive and focused on your goals.
  3. Amly guard : A Japanese biochemist has studied to combat stubborn belly fat without a sharp exercise or food system,This product works to restore enzyme levels and fat loss,This product exploits the power of five natural nutrients to help burn fat. This product is one of its most important features,It does not require you to exercise a particular sport or eat a particular food.

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