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Mediterranean Diet vs. Keto

Mediterranean Diet vs. Keto Which one is better for you? we will know that exactly if you plan to lose weight through a long-term diet that provides health, nutrition, and longevity, You may try to diet without knowing the restrictions it imposes on you.

Many diets have been around for decades that claim to help lose weight and maintain structured public health and the most popular ones are the Mediterranean diet and the keto diet. In this article, we will make a comparison between those types of diets.

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Mediterranean Diet vs. Keto

Mediterranean Diet vs. Keto
Mediterranean Diet vs. Keto

The Mediterranean diet and keto always generate a lot of discussion among people who seek to improve their health and maintain a healthy weight. Let’s take a quick look at each:

  • Mediterranean diet, is a favorite among nutritionists. On the other hand, we have the famous keto diet, known for shrinking carbs.
  • Keto supporters claim that the diet reduces appetite, dissolves belly fat and promotes mental acuity.

Studies on the effects of Mediterranean Diet vs. Keto

Studies have shown at least a short-term improvement in blood sugar in people who follow the keto diet as well.

As for the Mediterranean diet, research has linked it to reducing the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, dementia, memory loss, depression and breast cancer, as well as contributing to weight loss, bone strengthening, and heart health, as well as prolonging life.

A new controlled clinical trial, conducted during the pandemic, compared the two diets by ordering 33 people with diabetes to follow the two regimens, one by one, for three months.

During the first four weeks, participants received either healthy meals based on the keto diet or the Mediterranean diet, and followed the meal plans themselves.

Researchers monitored participants’ weight, blood sugar levels (glucose), cardiovascular risk factors, and diet adherence.

Dr. Walter Willett, a leading nutrition researcher, and Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition at TH Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University, who is not a participant in the study, said that “the two immunes improved blood glucose control to a similar degree, and the two groups in the study lost the same weight”.

results of the study

However, when researchers examined the impact of inpatients on blood fat levels that contribute to heart disease, the Mediterranean diet was better, according to the study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The study tracked low-density lipoprotein, known as “bad” cholesterol, and triglycerides, a different type of blood fat that also contributes to atherosclerosis.

The keto diet increased cholesterol significantly by 10%, while the Mediterranean diet reduced LDL cholesterol by 5%, according to Dr. Frank Ho, head of nutrition at TEH Public Health School at Harvard, who is not involved in the study.

He noted that “the difference between the two diets is very large, and may have long-term consequences for cardiovascular disease.”

The study found that while the two diets lowered triglycerides, the keto diet had a greater impact. “Reducing triglycerides is not as important for high LDL cholesterol,” he said, adding that “high LDL cholesterol is a much stronger and more important risk factor for cardiovascular disease than triglyceride levels.”

What is the main message learned from the study?

The most important message is that severe restriction of some healthy carbs is not necessary to improve blood sugar control and heart metabolic health. You can follow a Mediterranean diet, a moderate low-carb diet, or a very healthy vegan diet.

There are different options for people with different dietary preferences. So while the two diets have been very effective in controlling blood sugar in the short term, I think the main issue is the potential long-term impact of keto on cardiovascular disease.

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Mediterranean Diet vs. Keto: which is better?

Mediterranean Diet vs. Keto
Mediterranean Diet vs. Keto

According to global research, those consuming the Mediterranean diet and keto led to similar weight loss, but researchers found that the Mediterranean diet was a clear winner because it was able to lower LDL cholesterol.

The Mediterranean diet, according to Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care, is associated with reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some cancers, and Alzheimer’s disease. you can also add TR Night Burner to any diet you decide to follow to be more fit.

Although keto may be effective for rapid weight loss and mental health support, it may be unsustainable for some people and can lead to changes in blood fat ratios and digestive problems in some. On the other hand, Mediterranean diet is a healthy and sustainable option for many, encouraging a variety of healthy foods and maintaining a balance in the diet.

Why the Mediterranean diet?

Interest in the Mediterranean diet began in the 1960s, noting that coronary heart disease caused fewer deaths in White Sea countries, such as Greece and Italy, than in the United States and Northern Europe. Subsequent studies have found that the Mediterranean diet is associated with reduced risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Mediterranean diet is one of the health eating plans recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to promote health and prevent chronic diseases

It has also been recognized by the World Health Organization as a healthy and sustainable diet.

Although there is no single definition of the Mediterranean diet, this diet is based on the traditional cuisine of the Mediterranean countries, it is usually rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and olive oil and you can add Tea Burn to this diet.

Rules of Mediterranean Diet 

 after we have showed you Mediterranean Diet vs. Keto, we will show you The main ingredients of the Mediterranean diet which include:

  • Daily consumption of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and healthy fats
  • Weekly consumption of fish, poultry, beans, and eggs
  • Moderate rations of dairy products while reducing red meat consumption
  • The White Sea diet depends on eating larger portions of leafy vegetables and reducing consumption of red meat.

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Semi-vegetarian diet

Mediterranean Diet vs. Keto
Mediterranean Diet vs. Keto

The basis of the Mediterranean Diet are vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, legumes, and whole grains.

Meals are based on plant-based foods, taking into account the control of a person’s intake of dairy products, poultry, and eggs, as well as seafood. In contrast, red meat is eaten in small quantities at intervals.

Olive oil is the primary source of fat added in the White Sea diet. It provides unsaturated monosynthetic fat, which lowers the levels of total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or LDL cholesterol. Nuts and seeds also contain mono-unsaturated fat.

Drinks, sugar-sweetened eats, processed meats, refined oils and processed cereals containing pasta and baked goods should be completely avoided.

In conclusion, we have reviewed the Mediterranean Diet vs. Keto and known which is the best in the long term, and it is very important to refer to a specialist nutritionist to learn about the diet that suits you and will not harm your health in the long term or the short term.

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