Ear health tips

Ear health tips

Human beings always seek to preserve their body and senses and always search for the best means and follow expert advice in order to avoid damage to their sense whether intentionally or unintentionally,Today’s talk about the most important part of the human body that if there is any small dysfunction that results from it,the human being is dispersed and suffered throughout his life,We are talking about the ear that people are still looking for how to maintain it and what are the right ways to clean it and not harm their hearing sense and what is the ear health tips .So far, people are still going to the doctors because of the mistakes they do and the ignorance of the proper ways to take care of it.

How to maintain your ear?

Here are some Ear health tips to follow for your care and attention to your ear let’s start by

  1. Be careful to keep your ear dry:

When a person suffers from holding some water inside his ear, it can lead to ear inflammation.

So he must immediately get rid of water locked inside the ear because it can pose a danger to human health if this water is contaminated,We must follow the following steps to prevent water retention in the ear,we can use ear plugs while swimming or also bathing,we can also  move the head from one side to the other side to get the water out, and finally The ear should also be dried using a fully dry towel don’t forget this tips from ear health tips .


  1. Don’t use cotton swabs

Some people go to use cotton pieces because they thought that they were cleaning the ear, but in fact they hurt it without knowing,That cotton piece pushes the wax into the ear at the aubergine drum,which means the wax can’t find a way out,These cotton pieces can also puncture the eardrum or completely lose its hearing sense,The ear is specially equipped to get rid of wax automatically and the frequent removal of wax causes dehydration because one of its main functions of wax  is to hydrate the ear it’s very important to from ear health tips .

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Ear health tips


  1. Pay attention to stay away from loud noise

Sustained exposure to high sounds leads to sensory cell stress,as a result a person can lose a temporary hearing or feel a buzzing ear.It is very dangerous to be subjected to loud sounds for a long time because this exposes man to the possibility of loss of hearing for a lifetime.Therefore, human beings must be sensitive to hearing levels, keep sound low and pay attention to signs that warn human beings of the possibility of losing hearing suffering from constant resonance, You can use the noise cancellation function on your phone to help do not have voice language.

  1. The importance of food for ear health

If you want to take care of your health, then you have to take care of the food you eat too, you must be careful about this tips from ear health tips ,You have to have the necessary nutrients you need through the body let’s begin by

  1. Potassium: which regulates liquid in the inner ear and  is found in potatoes, tomatoes and yogurt.
  2. folic acid: which is one of the main functions of helping to grow cells,increases blood circulation in the body and this helps in the poetic cells of the inner ear.It’s found in the liver and spinach.
  3. magnesium: which scientists believe is the protective barrier that helps protect poetic cells,In the inner ear when it sounds loud ,the shortage of this ingredient deflects the blood vessels and consequently the lack of oxygen.This element must be well taken care of and is found in bananas, potatoes and spinach.
  4. zinc:  is a popular ingredient that promotes cell growth, healing wounds, strengthening the immune system and protecting the ear from infections.
  5. omega-3 and vitamin D:  in his recent study confirmed that omega-3 pills help reduce the risk of hearing loss by 40 percent. It also activates brain function and sends signals between your brain and your ear efficiently and accurately.
  6. Keep away from smoking

Of course, people wonder how smoking affects the ear. Smoking causes oxygen loss inside the body which negatively affects the ear.It is also a cause of tinnitus. Ear smoking causes dysfunction in the body. These tips from ear health tips help us to be healthy and more active.

Ear health tips

Medications that help maintain ear health

  1. AquaPeace:

This drug improves people’s auditory health scientists who manufacture this drug have worked to take advantage of the deep sea and have found an unexpected relationship between the anemones and their auditory poetry.These marine creatures seem to be the key to your hearing health.This composition is based on the discovery that fatty acids and nutrients for the health of poetic cells of this wonderful marine organism helped us to know how to promote and understand human health.

It consists of natural ingredients that are unique and nutritious,These ingredients are obtained from remote regions of Japan and East Asian regions from these ingredients

  1.  Mustard: It is a voluntary ingredient called green gold for your hearing health
  2. Sea bugs: It provides us with omega oils
  3. Chlorella: detoxifies
  4. Astaxanthin: mission is to fight free roots that keep hearing
  5. Nori Yaki: Potent antioxidant properties
  6. Spirulina:keeper of both the ear and the immune system due to the nutrients they contain
  7. Ecklonia cava: Treats infections

Ear health tips

  1. Cortex

This product is not genetically modified, It is a natural supplement made from high quality natural ingredients that interact together, It is easy to use and It can be added to your drink , It is a safe and effective option for those who seek to improve their label it help us to achieve the aim from ear health tips

  1. Neuro rise

This product is specially designed to support the hearing of health. It consists of 20 components selected with great care.It has been proven by scientists that this product improves hearing quality and reduces noise,It does not contain genetically modified components and is easy to use. It has a great effect like ear health tips .

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