Dental implants

Dental implants

Dental Implants is the solution that puts smiles Back on people’s Faces again.The number of people suffering from either complete or partial dental loss has increased,and people whose teeth suffer from severe corrosion, fracture or degradation are growing steadily.Worse is the fact that there are cases of patients suffering from numerous problems in the teeth.The basic construction of the teeth becomes irreversible, fillable or repairable.Therefore, the dental transplant came as the savior for these patients who suffer from all these problems and to be the ideal choice instead of traditional or even fixed dentures.

What are dental implants ?

If we define the dental implants process, it will be the most successful and most famous procedure.It is also the most modern in compensating and replacing damaged or lost teeth with synthetic teeth made of titanium instilled in the jaw in the place of the roots of the lost jaw,We also replace the roots of the teeth with a general metal resembling screws to become synthetic teeth just like the truth in terms of shape,color and performance.

Why do people prefer dental implants to other solutions?

There are many solutions to compensate for lost teeth or solve dental problems but people still prefer dental implants such as,

  • Moving dentures that work to compensate as full or partial for teeth,the lowest solutions in terms of price, however, people do not prefer them because they prevent them from using their sense of taste and do not feel the taste of food and the worst is that the  shape does not seem normal.
  • The second type is fixed dental formulations,which is characterized by a serious defect and the need for tooth cooling in the case of crown and teeth adjacent to the dislocated tooth in the case of the bridge
  • So people turned to dental implants because they are characterized by high stability for a long period of time can reach the extent of life since the material of titanium used in the dental industry is characterized by very light and anti-rust as it is biocompatible with our bones and this is very useful because it reduces the idea of the body rejecting the implant or treating it as a foreign body,this process is also characterized by the fact that it does not affect the adjacent teeth or the tissue of the gums surrounding the missing teeth.

Dental implants

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Types of Dental Implants

The process of dental implants is characterized by different types, which are divided into three different types

  1.  implantation within the bone

First, implantation within the bone is the most commonly used and common type, as it is the most popular because this type fits and corresponds to most patients who suffer from almost dental loss, but it is very important for the doctor to ensure that the patient has a good availability of bone inside the patient’s jaw so that the doctor can make the implant made of titanium to merge and cohesion with the jaw without damaging the neighborly teeth or gum

  1. transplantation above the bone

The second type is transplantation above the bone and certainly is an alternative to the previous type,here we survive for use and satisfaction with it when the patient does not have an adequate enough bone to support the implant to instill it into the roots of the lost tooth and here lies the problem most patients refuse to think that an artificial bone is put to intensify the bone in the implant area so that the doctor can insert it,So the idea here is that we put the implant on the bone top that’s not inside of it and is seduced by the gum that is sucking around it.

  1.  implanted within the cheekbone

The third and last type is implanted within the cheekbone,which is rarely used because this type is characterized by complexity and also has risks,we never turn to this option unless the previous choices fail here and We don’t put ghosts in the jaw bone, we just change that and put them in the cheekbone,So doctors use this kind very rarely,so it is recommended to use a product dentinox pro 

Dental implants

Can everyone have a tooth transplant?

Although the success of this process exceeds 90 percent ,there are still some risks that can affect humans,the most important thing that human beings possess is their health,which affects them in all respects,there are many people who cannot do this because they have some diseases, such as cardiac disease, like chest butchering  and people with weak immunity.

and more importantly,those who suffer from bone fragility because this process depends basically on the bones in the jaw, so if somebody gets a bone disease or has a few bones in their jaw, it prevents them from doing that operation because it leads to danger in their life,

The doctor should also look at the physiological causes like the health of gum or if some of the main nerves are going to be affected by surgery, all of these things have to be put into the test of doing this operation.

Dental implants

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Defects of Dental Implants

because everything in our lives has a positive and negative side,doctor recommend for people dentivive medicine  that help them to have strong teeth,let’s talk about the negative side of this process that makes some worry about taking the step and doing it,

  • First, in order to show the practical results and enjoy a bright laugh, you have to wait for a period of sequences from 6 months to a full year, because at this stage there is a so-called bone solicitation, where it happens that the cultivation begins to merge and fits with the jaw bone.
  • Second, infections can occur in the area around the implant so doctor suggest for people power bite which help the, to have health teeth.
  • Thirdly, the worst is that in some cases you need to do extra work before the dental transplant process is done, such as those with bone fragility, who in the beginning need to do something that touches the bone grafts of the weak part of the jaw with bone scarcity, and that overlaps a lot of money and sessions that don’t end.
  • Fourth ,It’s not the ideal option for many people because of its high cost, some do not have enough money to do so.
  •  The last one is ,we can be surprised by the existence of complications such as normal procedures such as infection in the place of operation or injury to other teeth or blood vessels,Nerves can be damaged or there is bleeding in the nasal cavity.

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